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Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are wonderful, skin loving ingredients. They are easy to make. Here’s a recipe to try:

45% Baking soda

30% Citric Acid

7% Cornstarch

3% Sea Salt

2% Milk Powder

9% Sunflower Oil

1% Polysorbate

2% Essential oil or Fragrance Oil

1% Witch Hazel

Mix all the dry ingredients well, then add the liquid ingredients, mix well, just spritz a little by little the witch hazel until the mixture feels like wet sand, do not add too much, then press into a bath bomb mold.




Bath Melts Recipe



Bath Melts Recipe….Just love these in the bath , makes skin so soft..just be careful though , it does get slippery.
62% Cocoa Butter
19% Coconut Oil
6% Aloe Butter
6% Shea Butter
6% Avocado Oil
1% Essential Oil or Fragrant Oil

optional: add .5 tsp of french clay for coloring.  Add herbs for some decorations, here I used rosemary dried herbs

Melt all ingredients, add EO and pour into .5 or 1 oz silicone molds, let it set