Beer Soap Recipe

Gingerwood & Honey Beer Soap


Recipe to make this soap:

37% Tallow Beef

25% Coconut Oil

31% Rice Bran Oil

7% Castor Oil

1 tsp ppo Titanium Dioxide ( for the upper part of the soap, imitation of beer foam)

Silk Powder ( optional) It gives a slippery feel to the soap

1 tsp of sugar into the lye water ( it gives more bubbles)

1 tsp of Honey added at trace

1 tsp Kaolin Clay

1/2 tsp Citric Acid ( lowers down the PH of the soap)

Essential Oil Blend

2 parts of Ginger and 1 part of cedarwood

Flat beer , alcohol removed by boiling it for a few minutes, and freeze the beer. Replace the beer with the water content of the lye water.


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