Packaging and labelling Bath Bombs

The labels are made in microsoft word. The front and back printed. The back are the ingredients.The front is the name of the product and the scent. The bath bomb is wrapped with simple plastic wrap, ribbon and the label attached to it. The labels are cut with pre-cut punch tool. Make labels in a flash.



Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are wonderful, skin loving ingredients. They are easy to make. Here’s a recipe to try:

45% Baking soda

30% Citric Acid

7% Cornstarch

3% Sea Salt

2% Milk Powder

9% Sunflower Oil

1% Polysorbate

2% Essential oil or Fragrance Oil

1% Witch Hazel

Mix all the dry ingredients well, then add the liquid ingredients, mix well, just spritz a little by little the witch hazel until the mixture feels like wet sand, do not add too much, then press into a bath bomb mold.



Lip Sugar Scrub

Exfoliate your lips with this luxury scrub, made especially for the lips.

8% Bees wax

12 % Coconut oil

8% Cocoa Butter

19% Avocado oil

1% Vitamin E

51% Sugar

1% Lip Flavor

Melt the wax, coconut and cocoa butter. Once melted add the avocado oil, vitamin e, stir in the sugar and lip flavoring.








Melt and Pour Shea Butter made from Scratch

This is a luxury melt and pour base made with good ingredients, no harsh chemicals into this soap. The ingredients are Tallow, coconut oil, castor oil, stearic acid, lauric acid, ethanol, glycerin, liquid sugar , titanium dioxide ( for white coloring) and shea butter. It is meltable in the microwave and just add a bit of essential oils or fragrance. Pour into a mold and Voila!!! Perfect for decorating (embeds) Cold process soap. Pouring into a silicone mold is such a must, way easier to unmold.



Making Gift Sets

Making gift sets are always fun to make. I have created a gift set for some of my co-workers, she wanted to gift her children’s teachers. I added a handmade soap, lip balm,bath bomb and a wash cloth. I created a bag topper in microsoft word, printed it out on a beige cardstock, folded into two and stapled onto a plastic cello packaging for the bath bombs. All the labels were created by me. I inserted all the products into a plastic bag and decorated it with a ribbon bow and some raffia.